Water Loss


ACTION PLAN 2016-2017



VISSION:  to develop a sustainable water management system, emphasizing the reduction in the loss of drinkable water to ensure a better future.

Goal:  Our water distribution system will aim to achieve a supply-side goal to reduce current Distribution System Leakage (DSL) to less than 20% within 1 year.

Right now we do not have a house hold water supply system in place, though the work for the same is going on in full swing under the UIDSSMT scheme which will ensure supply of drinking water through pipe lines to every house hold in this municipal area.



We aim to install water meters on all connections and city-owned facilities in. We shall be very active in taking steps to help reduce the DSL, such as repairing leaks when they are found or when we are notified, and replacing older water lines and leaking valves.

We will set up a meter replacement schedule for the larger outdated commercial and industrial water meters. We are concerned with the amount of DSL and committed to finding, repairing, and meeting the established system distribution leakage standard.

  1. Finding Apparent Losses:

The first step is to find out more about our apparent losses by obtaining more accurate data. To obtain more accurate consumption data year-round.

  1. Finding Real Losses:

Another priority of ours is to identify sources of water loss within our system.  

We will conduct a leak detection survey in this regard. This will help us track and monitor previously un metered but authorized water uses for trucks for cleaning streets, fire fighting, or construction.

  1. Account for the Un- Authorized Water Consumption:

We also plan to implement a system to account for the un- authorized water consumption, like hydrant flushing.

  1. Enforcing a fine for unauthorized fire hydrant use.
  2. Annual Water Audit Programme.

In addition, we will take up the following measures to reduce the annual volume of water loss:

  • Upgraded meter telemetry capabilities and reliability for increased monitoring of water production.
  • Calculating distribution system leakage twice a month as well as the required annual calculation.
  • Quick and efficient response by staff to all known distribution leaks.
  • The replacement of aging and unreliable water mains.An annual leak detection program that will survey a minimum of 25% of our water mains every year until compliance is achieved.

 Funding Water Loss Program:

The water department staff and city council have made both a financial and philosophical commitment to using our water effectively and wisely, now and into the future. Through

both changes to our rate structure and actively seeking out govt. and private funding  for needed system improvements/repairs, we expect to meet our DSL reduction goal.

We will achieve this by:

  • Enhancing Our Conservation Billing Structure – Our rates will be designed to reward conservation and penalize over use and provide general financial viability for our water system.