Municipal Vision

Overall Municipal Vision for efficient and effective municipal performance

Raiganj Municipality aims to transforming itself in such a way as to be able to usher in a change in living conditions and quality of life of the citizens in general, and the people living below poverty line in particular, determined to built and improve the physical infrastructures such as supply of safe drinking water, sanitation, roads, health for a better civic life with special focus on the comprehensive improvement/ development of slum concentrated areas. So our vision is to transform Raiganj into a vibrant, beautiful, green, environmentally clean, pollution free urban area along with self reliant, transparent, and technically equipped governance. Providing basic infrastructures like water supply, sanitation, communication, solid waste management along with health facilities as per standards and norms to all the citizens’.Our vision is to education to all.

Our List of Goals at A Glance:-

1. Provision of clean drinking water at the rate of 90 litres per capita to all citizens.

2. Maintaining drainage outfall and canals within the municipality.

3. Collection of household waste after segregation from each house on a regular basis and disposal of waste in a scientific manner.

4. Provision of proper facilities to all poor people and slum dwellers.

5. Improvement of infrastructure of primary schools and removing illiteracy.

7. Implementing poverty eradication programme and making all men and women self reliant.

8. Constructing modern markets, transportation facilities, providing electricity and Constructing roads.

9. Creating a clean, transparent, progress driven, citizen friendly municipality.