Chairman in Council (CIC)

The Chairman In Council (CIC) members are the main members of the running board. Following are the Chairman-in-Council of the Municipality…


Sl. No. Ward No. Contact No. Name Description of Function
1 5 9434247254  Shri Sadhan Kumar Barman He will look after the routine affairs of Public Health & sanitation in Public Health Section, including conservancy and Solid Waste Management , viz, door to door collection of waste, disposal of Garbage by tank, Motor vehicles and ambulance etc and also the affairs of Super Market in addition to the above said matters
2 10  9836821780 Shri Bhola Paul  He will look after AMRUT Mission, Education & Sports, MID-day Meal Programme , Beautification of the municipal area including municipal properties and Sinking & Re-Sinking of Tube Wells program under the PWD-III Section in addition to the above said matters and also the affairs of Mohanbati bazaar.
3 11 9434305264  Shri Ratan Majumder  He will took after the Electrical Works including, Street Lighting, Area Lighting, Maintenance of Pumps & Motors, Lighting of Municipal Parks, Building & other installations, Photo Electric ( Solar panels) and non- conventional energy sources & Proposed Electic crematorium at Bandar Swamshan.
4 1  9475225081  Shri Nayan Das  He will look after all Civil works and Municipal development programs carried out by PWD – I, PWD- II & PWD- III Section respectively and the proposed Up- gradation, Renovation and Extension plan of the Municipal Office Building.


Sl. No. Name Ward No. Contact No. Description of Function
1 Smt. Puspa Majumdar 7 9679079397 She will look after all the entire affairs of NULM. She will remain Councillor-in-charge of NULM of the said scheme.
2 Sri. Barun Banerjee  8 9434961354 He will look after all the entire affairs NUHM, [IPP-VIII(Extn.)] UPHCS Health Programme etc. He will remain Councillor-in-charge of NUHM,[IPP-VIII(Extn.)] UPHCS OF THE SAID SCHEME.
3 Shri. Bimal Jyoti Sinha 19  9434355814 He will look after the entire affairs of house to house water connection project iunder UIDSSMT scheme and package Drinking -Bottle plant of “Kulik Fresh” with the cooperation of the concerned Engineers in charge of this Municipality.He will remain councillor-in-charge of UIDSSMT scheme and package Drinking Bottling Plant